2006 (5767) Greek Jewry Hanukka Mint Set

2006 (5767) Greek Jewry Hanukka Mint Set

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    2006 (5767) Greek Jewry Hanukka Mint Set
    Issued by the Bank of Israel - Only 3,000 Minted!

    The 2006/5767 Hanukka Coin Set celebrates the 2000 year Jewish Community of Greece. The presentation folder describes the history of the community and its culture. The set includes each of the circulated coins of Israel minted in the year 5767, with the word Hanukka and a tiny Menorah mint mark. In addition, the set included a special Half Sheqel coin engraved with a Hanukka Lamp from Corfu, a community that was almost completely destroyed in the Holocaust.

    • Set includes one of each of the following:
    • 5 Agorot Bronze
    • 10 Agorot Bronze
    • 1/2 New Sheqel Bronze
    • Special 1/2 New Sheqel Bronze
    • 1 New Sheqel Nickel-Plated steel
    • 5 New Sheqalim Copper-nickel
    • 10 New Sheqalim Nickel-plated steel & Aureate bonded bronze