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The National Park Quarters from San Francisco Mint have had the lowest mintage of any US circulating coin since 1940, and collectors are taking notice.

Year Description Mintage
2000-P Eagle Reverse 767,140,000
2000-D   518,916,000
2000-S   4,047,904
2001-P   62,468,000
2001-D   70,939,500
2001-S   3,183,740
2002-P   3,865,610
2002-D   3,732,000
2002-S   3,211,995
2003-P   3,080,000
2003-D   3,080,000
2003-S   3,298,439
2004-P   2,660,000
2004-D   2,660,000
2004-S   2,965,422
2005-P   2,520,000
2005-D   2,520,000
2005-S   3,344,679
2006-P   4,900,000
2006-D   2,800,000
2006-S   3,054,436
2007-P   3,640,000
2007-D   3,920,000
2007-S   2,259,847
2008-P   1,820,000
2008-D   1,820,000
2008-S   1,998,108
2009-P Three Sisters Agriculture 37,380,000
2009-D   33,880,000
2009-S   2,179,867
2010-P Great Tree of Peace 32,060,000
2010-D   48,720,000
2010-S   1,689,216
2011-P Wampanoag Treaty 29,400,000
2011-D   1,389,020
2011-S   1,409,120
2012-P Trade Routes 1,680,140
2012-D   1,389,020
2012-S   1,409,120
2013-P Treaty with Lenape 1,680,140
2013-D   1,389,020
2013-S   1,409,120
2014-P Compass 1,680,140
2014-D   1,389,020
2014-S   1,409,120
2015-P Mohawk Ironworkers 1,680,140
2015-D   1,389,020
2015-S   1,409,120
2016-P Code Talkers 1,680,140
2016-D   1,389,020
2016-S   1,409,120
2017-P Sequoyah 1,680,140
2017-D   1,389,020
2017-S   1,409,120
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The United States Mint facilities in Philadelphia and Denver produce National Park Quarters in numbers between 25,000,000 and 275,000,000 per mint. In 2012, the United States Mint facility in San Francisco began producing circulating quality 2012-S National Park Quarters which will be sold only within collector products. The United States Mint anticipates the new strikes would be popular with collectors and improve popularity. While most circulating coins have been struck at the U.S. Mint facilities in Denver and Philadelphia, leaving the San Francisco facility for proof sets and in silver and gold coins. The last time the California facility minted circulating 'S' coins was in the 1981. Collectors anticipate all U.S. Mint products that have an 'S' mint mark with low mintages mean less wear on the die, and generally result in 2-3 grade points higher than a 'P' or 'D' mint strike. San Francisco started in 2012 with El Yunque National Park Quarters and will continue to produce 'S' quarters through the series. We anticipate the mintages will continue to drop, making coin collectors very interested in the upcoming years.

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