2019 Silver Eagles at the Village Coin Shop

2019 Silver Eagles

There are 4 different types of American Silver Eagles available in 2019.

    Each 2019 Silver Eagle:
  • $1.00 Denomination
  • One troy ounce (31.103 grams)
  • Contain 99.9% pure silver
  • Are 1.598 inches (40.60 mm) in diameter
  • Have a reeded edge

2019-W Proof Silver Eagle
These 2019 Proof Silver Eagles are struck multiple times on specially prepared planchets. Proof coins offer a smooth mirrored background contrasting a detailed engraving. Collectors and investors value these coins for their unique finish.

Proof Silver Eagles

Burnished Silver Eagles

2019-W Burnished Silver Eagle
These 2019 Uncirculated Silver Eagles are struck on specially burnished planchets.
Burnished coins appeal to collectors and investors alike for their special finish, beauty and purity. They are minted at the West Point Facililty and bear the 'W' Mint Mark on the reverse side of the coin.

2019-S Proof Silver Eagle
The 'S' Mint Mark adds collectible value to a coin with high bullion content. This is only the third time San Francisco has minted Proof Silver Eagles since 2012, adding to the appeal and value of this coin from the famous San Francisco Mint.

Proof Silver Eagles

Silver Eagles

2019 Silver Eagle
These 2019 Uncirculated Silver Eagles are exclusively sold to Authorized U.S. Mint Gold and Silver Dealers. These are not struck with a specially burnished planchet and are the only 2019 Silver Eagles without a Mint Mark on the reverse.

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