Sacagawea & Native American Dollar Set

Sacagawea & Native American Dollar Set

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    Sacagawea & Native American Dollar Set

    36 BU and 18 Gem Proof Native American Dollars in a complete set mounted in a deluxe album.

    The Sacagawea Dollar has an interesting mintage history. In 2000, the first year, the Philadelphia and Denver Mints produced over one billion coins. The second year saw figures around 130 million, and less than 8 million after that. The Native American Dollars did not meet the public's favor, so a decreased production was immediately instated. From 2002 until 2008, the coins were only available as bags and rolls priced at a premium above face value for collectors, resulting in further declining mintages. The series was renamed Native American Dollars, with a new reverse design every year. This fueled production for the next couple years, but in 2012, the Native American Dollars were only struck for inclusion within numismatic products resulting in very low mintages. These factors make these coins a great investment for any collector.

    Year Description Mintage
    2000-P Eagle Reverse 767,140,000
    2000-D 518,916,000
    2000-S (Proof Only) 4,047,904
    2001-P Eagle Reverse 62,468,000
    2001-D 70,939,500
    2001-S (Proof Only) 3,183,740
    2002-P Eagle Reverse 3,865,610
    2002-D 3,732,000
    2002-S (Proof Only) 3,211,995
    2003-P Eagle Reverse 3,080,000
    2003-D 3,080,000
    2003-S (Proof Only) 3,298,439
    2004-P Eagle Reverse 2,660,000
    2004-D 2,660,000
    2004-S (Proof Only) 2,965,422
    2005-P Eagle Reverse 2,520,000
    2005-D 2,520,000
    2005-S (Proof Only) 3,344,679
    2006-P Eagle Reverse 4,900,000
    2006-D 2,800,000
    2006-S (Proof Only) 3,054,436
    2007-P Eagle Reverse 3,640,000
    2007-D 3,920,000
    2007-S (Proof Only) 2,577,166
    2008-P Eagle Reverse 1,820,000
    2008-D 1,820,000
    2008-S (Proof Only) 2,169,561
    2009-P Three Sisters Agriculture 39,200,000
    2009-D 35,700,000
    2009-S (Proof Only) 2,179,867
    2010-P Great Tree of Peace 32,060,000
    2010-D 48,720,000
    2010-S (Proof Only) 1,689,216
    2011-P Wampanoag Treaty 29,400,000
    2011-D 48,160,000
    2011-S (Proof Only) 1,673,010
    2012-P Trade Routes 2,800,000
    2012-D 3,080,000
    2012-S (Proof Only) 1,189,445
    2013-P Treaty with Lenape 1,820,000
    2013-D 1,820,000
    2013-S (Proof Only) 1,222,180
    2014-P Compass 3,080,000
    2014-D 2,800,000
    2014-S (Proof Only) 1,144,154
    2015-P Mohawk Ironworkers 2,800,000
    2015-D 2,240,000
    2015-S (Proof Only) 1,050,394
    2016-P Code Talkers 2,800,000
    2016-D 2,100,000
    2016-S (Proof Only) 931,866
    2017-P Sequoyah 1,540,000*
    2017-D   1,820,000*
    2017-S (Proof Only) 488,460*

    *Totals through June 2017, actual mintage may vary.